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ØPALS interview

Check out Eve's interview with ØPALS.

Eve: Who inspired you through your career?

ØPALS: Some of my biggest inspirations in my writing are Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Marina (formerly Marina & the Diamonds).

Eve: How did the name of the album come?

ØPALS: “Middle of the Night” came to me just because I felt like it represented mental illness.

Eve: Tell us about your collaboration with Nigel a little bit.

ØPALS: Nigel and I have been friends for years, starting with his old punk band playing at my family’s music venue years ago. Ever since then we clicked and started working on music together. I came over to his place to work on a new project, and he had a song he made he wanted to show me. He was pretty influenced by ZEDD at the time so this song had a lot of synths in it. I took the song home the same night and came up with a pre chorus on the spot, sent it over to him to see what he thought. He was definitely down for it! We moved forward from there and it was easy for the both of us to write.

Eve: "Middle of the Night" is about overcoming darkness, getting rid of it. How long did it take to do the album and what helped you during writing the songs?

ØPALS: It took me one night to write the song, and I was just in a good state of mind at the time (which is a rarity) to be writing. I listened to the song on repeat and sometimes listened to others for some reference when I felt stuck on wording, but I knew what the goal was for writing this song.

Eve: What is your message for those fighting with mental illness?

ØPALS: It’s tough to keep it going, it really is. The most I can say is definitely reach out for help if you feel you need it, that’s the first step and the hardest. I struggled for so long because I never said anything and just kept everything to myself. Eve: What are your plans for the future?

ØPALS: Continue to write music, rehearse for shows so when they (hopefully) come back, ØPALS will be able to perform!

Eve: What's your dream place to perform?

ØPALS: Madison Square Garden in New York.

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