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4 Musicians From Los Angeles team up to debut new video for Cover Song "Stargazer"

"Stargazer" is the fifth track from British rock band Rainbow's 1976 album Rising. This song is a collaboration with John Evermore of Diamonds Hadder and friends, Doug Weiand, Joey Mancaruso, Kent Hiltz and James Staples.

Audio Info: Recorded at Light Black Productions in Los Angeles Ca 2020 - Engineered and Mixed by Rob Black.

Video Info: Filmed by Rob Mestas of “Defiant Digital Productions” and John Evermore in Los Angeles 2021 Edited by John Evermore.

Doug Weiand – All Guitars - is a composer, session and touring guitar player based in Los Angeles. An artist influenced mostly by heavy metal and rock yet with the sensibilities and experience in jazz, classical music and rock fusion as well. Legato technique and exotic scales approaches are very present in his playing, resulting in a distinguished "outside" sound." Insta @dougweiand

Joey Mancaruso – Drums - is both a touring and session drummer hailing from the greater Los Angeles basin. He has worked with a number of artists ranging from Robert Hecker (Redd Kross) to Stephen Carpenter (Deftones). The main bulk of his work is rooted in Heavy Metal/Prog/Jazz. Insta @joenan_the_barbarian

James Staples – Bass (Recording) - Raised in Ventura County and brought up in the Ventura County music scene, James Lionheart took an opportunity on bass on short notice after many years of guitar playing, once secondary has now become his main instrument of choice. Heavily inspired by old school rock and metal genres, Lionheart carries a sound that really captivates the ears. Insta @lionheartbassmaster

Kent Hiltz – Bass (Video Performance) - is a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer with a lifelong love of all things heavy metal. His musical journey has taken him from Indiana, to Nashville, touring the United States and Japan, and now Los Angeles. Insta @kentdavidhiltz

This song and video were done for the love of heavy metal and as nothing more than a tribute to such an amazing song and record which we all grew up listening to and admiring.


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