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8KIDS - New Live EP "Live In Leipzig 2019" OUT NOW!

8KIDS - New Live EP Live In Leipzig 2019 OUT NOW! New Tour in 2021!

[photo credit: CAPADOL]

“Right now it should be clear to the last ones that culture is relevant for society. It is more than just drinking beer and headbanging. The pressure is rising, people are getting restless and need the compensation that concerts, festivals or club visits provide. We hope that we can compensate a little bit for the missing Rock'n'Roll feeling.” – 8KIDS

In a summer without any concerts and festivals, the German post hardcore group 8KIDS are closing the gap and shortening the time until they can play live gigs again by releasing their first live EP, Live in Leipzig 2019.

The EP showcases the bands strong message more intensely than ever, amid an atmosphere of impassioned chanting an the sonically-palpable sweat and energy in the venue it was recorded last year. Rousing live reminiscences invite the listener to look into the past and the future at the same time – holding a dark mirror in their hands. 8KIDS have never made it easy for themselves and they never will – and that’s a pretty good thing: “Dämonen zurück in eure Löcher” (engl. “Demons go back to your holes”).  Listen to Live in Leipzig 2019 HERE:

Tracklisting Live in Leipzig 2019:

1. Kann mich jemand hören

2. Dämonen

3. Wir bleiben Kids (feat. SWISS)

4. Kraft

5. Zeit

8KIDS LIVE 20/21:

At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, 8KIDS will finally be back on stage performing concerts across Germany: 20.11.20 DE - Darmstadt / Centralstation

29.01.21 DE - Hamburg / Molotow

30.01.21 DE - Berlin / Badehaus

05.02.21 DE - Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn

06.02.21 DE - Stuttgart / Universum

12.02.21 DE - Bremen / Tower

13.02.21 DE - Hanover / Lux

19.02.21 DE - Dresden / Groove Station

20.02.21 DE - Nuremberg/ Club Stereo

26.02.21 DE - Dusseldorf / The Tube

27.02.21 DE - Muenster / Sputnik Café 8KIDS are:

Jonas Jakob - vocals, guitar

Hans Koch - guitar, vocals

Emma McLellan - drums 8KIDS online:




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