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A Weekend With John 5 And The Creatures

It takes a certain type of performer to captivate you on back to back nights, on the same tour. John 5 And The Creatures are an instrumental three piece made up of Guitarist John 5 (Of Rob Zombie), Bassist Ian Ross, and Drummer Logan Nix. I have seen these guys a ton before, but never on a back to back.

This tour I caught them in Indianapolis, IN at the HI-FI and in Akron, OH at The Empire Concert Club.

The band has been on the "Invasion Tour" to promote their upcoming album that is set to release this year.

The supports on this tour are Dead Girls Academy and Jared James Nichols.

Dead Girls Academy gave me an edgy Falling In Reverse vibe. After some research, i discovered front man Michael "Vampire" Orlando in 2016 retired from his previous band, Vampires Everywhere!, And joined DGA, a less spooky occult shock-rock than Vampires Everywhere!, Dead Girls Academy leaned closer to the post-hardcore, punk side of the spectrum.

I really liked how the band interacted with the crowd and the punk vibe of their entire set.

Jared James Nichols is a bluesy-rock singer and guitarist. His set was jam-packed with energy and funky rock! This dude is a modern-day Yngwie Malmsteen, for real this dude has so much talent it is insane. "Can You Feel It?" and "Nails In My Coffin" really stuck out to me. It's so hard to keep that energy up back to back nights, and he did. Both nights were intense, energetic, and entertaining. How this guy hasn't blown up into a mega star is beyond me, his show was fantastic.

Now the main event, there is something extremely spooky and hilarious about children's music playing before a metal band comes on stage. Both nights, every time "Five Little Monkeys JumpingOn The Bed" played the entire crowd of full-grown adults are screaming the words. It was the best thing I have ever been a part of.

After "Old McDonald" wrapped up the show began with John 5 coming on stage as the monster madman his stage persona is. This man is what every performer needs to be, entertaining by just doing what he does, play guitar.

Between the masks, different beautiful guitars, characters that come on stage, his show is jammed packed with spooky fun.

Behind every front-man, there's a great force backing them. Ian's bass riffs are incredible, and his interaction with the audience is something I see rarely in bass players. Logan is chillin' on drums keeping the beat which is one of the most important roles in an instrumental band.

They've been playing some new singles this tour, "Zoinks!","I Am John 5," and "Crank It" have been huge hits with the crowd. I can't wait for the full album release!

All in all, John 5 and The Creatures night after night put on a killer show and leave it all on the stage, This band is not one to sleep on. Next time they come to a city near you do not miss them.

Check out John 5 and The Creatures new singles below:

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