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Following the roaring success of her debut release ‘James’ corsa’, Abi Rose Kelly has) released her second single ‘Polaroids & Violence’

.The second single from Abi Rose Kelly has been a hotly anticipated one, after ‘James’corsa’racked up 60,000 listens on her Spotify after seemingly coming out of the unknown.

With therelease of ‘Polaroids & Violence’, Warrington based Abi has firmly made her mark on the indiemusic scene, crystallising an incredibly accomplished sound fora musician so new. ‘Polaroids& Violence’ opens with a slacker grunge vibe, before the hammering drums knock you toattention.

Abi’s vocals give me a major modern day Janis Joplin meets 4 Non Blondes vibe, including how her songs just flow out. She has a sultry swagger in how she changes the tempos to show her range.

‘Polaroids & Violence’ was written in two very different parts of Abi’s life. Telling the story of how silly mistakes can sometimes turn out to work in your favor, the basis of the song reflects a time of feeling angry at herself for getting so caught up at a party, and another time when she saw her friends struggling at the beginning of a relationship.Abi’s current following is a testament to her immediate success, with her debut headline gig at Warrington’s 200 capacity Lounge selling out well before the night.

This 18 year old only has two singles out right now, but let me tell you she has my attention and should have yours as well. This is one to watch, I can’t wait to see what else this lady comes out with.

Abi you have a definite new fan!

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