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AD INFINITUM Releases New Single, “See You In Hell”

AD INFINITUM presents a dark symphonic ceremony to ring in a new era!

Heaven is closed and AD INFINITUM awaits you in hell: The symphonic metal alliance presents their second single, “See You In Hell”, off their upcoming album, Chapter I: Monarchy, to be released on April 3rd via Napalm Records. In an unusual but bewitchingly quiet manner, the mellow yet expressionistic side of AD INFINITUM's Melissa Bonny's vocals invites for a gloomy daydream ending in the darkest pits of hell. The audiovisual accompanying "See You In Hell" invites its viewer for a daredevil game: In a historical setting, the protagonist poisons an old acquaintance and enchants each and every one of the listener’s senses. The bittersweet ode offers a goodbye as light as a feather and presents a completely new facet of the bands symphonic spectra.     Soft, plucking sounds appearing as clear as a bell mix with lacerating guitar riffs to a majestic, unique soundscape. The auditory and visually obscure aura underlines their charming mysticism. AD INFINITUM’s intoxicating symbiosis of boasting, energetic and uncompromising metal guides you through the hammering jaws of time. AD INFINITUM on “See You In Hell”: “We are very excited to share this second song which offers a very different atmosphere and dynamic than what you heard with "Marching On Versailles". The dark and dramatic symphony of a heartbroken murderer.”

AD INFINITUM sets the stage for your darkest nightmares with their smashing debut Chapter I: Monarchy. The album grabs your demons by the horns, boasting energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal set atop a rousing journey throughout history. Escaping the Black Death and transporting you to another era, standout track “Marching on Versailles” breaks in with smashing drums and forceful guitar riffs. Melissa Bonny’s multi-faceted vocals fill every fiber of the anthemic “Demons” — from powerful, fragile highs to deep growls, the track will send shivers down your spine. The energetic and equally melodic soundscapes of the vigorous ballad “Fire and Ice“ perfectly illustrate the heart-wrenching tones of AD INFINITUM. With Chapter I: MonarchyAD INFINITUM puts a spell on the world and surges right into the heart of epic symphonic metal with full force.

AD INFINITUM live: w/ Serenity, Dynazty & Victorius 01.04.20 DE - Munich / Backstage 02.04.20 DE - Berlin / Nuke Club 03.04.20 DE - Weinheim / Café Central 04.04.20 DE - Essen / Turock 05.04.20 NL - Haarlem / Patronaat 07.04.20 NL - Enschede / Metropool 08.04.20 BE - Aarschot / De Klinker 09.04.20 DE - Rüsselsheim / Das Rind 10.04.20 CH - Luzern / Schüür 11.04.20 AT - Wörgl / Komma + more to be announced AD INFINITUM are: Melissa Bonny - vocals Adrian Theßenvitz - guitars Jonas Asplind - bass Niklas Müller - drums

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