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American band Vasoline Turner shares "Melted by Aliens"

American band Vasoline Turner shares "Melted by Aliens", track is a mix of surreal music and art rock

Vasoline Turner is promoting the latest song/video called "Melted by Aliens" from the most recent album “Canceled Crystal Balls” and it is about getting abducted and melted by aliens to be used as their face cream or lube.

Vasoline Tuner is a psychedelic punk/ experimental rock/ freak pop type band from Southern California/ USA , it is the highly imaginative work of guitarist/vocalist/ songwriter BillyTsounis and has been described as “ the sonic equivalent to Salvador Dali’s paintings and as weird and wonderful .

The band has a crazy mix of disco music/art rock/ infectious electro punk and weird melodies with a deep bass groove,solid funky drum beat and droning guitars. Vasoline Turner is definitely a ride from outer space.

"Melted by Aliens":

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