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An Unction IN Braille - Of The Dead - (Deathcore)

An Unction IN Braille - Of The Dead (Deathcore)

In 2012, the epic journey into the “new” world of Metal began. Starting off as just a guitar player (Robert Meroski a.k.a. Rage), a vocalist (Josh Veck a.k.a. Death), a seemingly endless search for other musicians, and many auditions. There was finally the addition of rhythm guitar player (Kieran Beaty a.k.a. Fire) in 2016. Through more networking bassist (Wesley Welch a.k.a. Death Beard), and drummer (Jacob Lindquist a.k.a. DiCaprio) completed the line-up the same year to give the band the dynamically well-rounded and melodically ear-pleasing sound along with the extremely energetic shows that An Unction In Braille is known for. "The blessing of a dying person, that one must feel to understand." -An Unction iN Braille "Of The Dead", The first single off of the "The Wordless Whisper" E.P. due out in 2021. Produced by CW Recordings. Drums engineered by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios. Check out the video!

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