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Anarchitects releases debut single "Better Days"

Anarchitects releases debut single "Better Days"

The Brazilian band ANARCHITECTS is to release their debut single "Better Days", the song was mixed and mastered by the music producer Eduardo Belchior, from Intense Music Productions, and brings a positive message for a world facing a pandemic reality. With a cover art signed by the renowned artist Gustavo Sazes, the song will be available on all digital platforms via Xaninho Records.

The group is composed by musicians from several bands, such as Blazing Dog, Art of Khaos and Falls of Silence, who decided to expand their musicality into Modern Rock. Bringing a myriad of themes to their songs, they intend to release their first album in 2022.

When plagued by impure thoughts from a rainy August night, Driu Menezes (guitar) and Renan Botelho (bass) had a brilliant epiphany: Putting together a new band. They hung up the spikes, dropped their leather clothes, grabbed their scarves and hats on their way to stardom. That is yet to come. In this search for the missing link between Metal and Modernity, they found someone minimally willing to accept the invitation to take over the vocals. It was Igor Thomas (vocals), who brought his doom to techno-brega influence to the band. On an epic journey, the three musketeers found Renato (Drums) who seemed to be the only one capable of drumming to the invigorating sound of the group. So finally, coming from the darkest nights, the vampire Leandro Lestat (Guitar) accepted the invitation to be the last member of the power r... of the band! Thus, the band ANARCHITECTS was born. Which today can be found on any street corner if you call three times.

Producer: Tarmat

Mixing and co-producer: Eduardo Belchior - Intense Music Productions

Mastering: Eduardo Belchior - Intense Music Productions

Cover art: Gustavo Sazes

Photo: André Lino

Line Up:

Igor Thomas Gehard – Vocals

Driu Menezes – Guitar

Leandro Lestat – Guitar

Renan Guimarães – Bass

Renato Mendes – Drums

For more on ANARCHITECTS visit the band's official SITE, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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