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Andrés Cano - Impulse - (Instrumental, Progressive, Melodic Metalcore/Deathcore)

Andrés Cano - 'Impulse' (Instrumental, Progressive, Melodic Metalcore/Deathcore)

Release Date: December 25th, 2021

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica "Slow heavy chugs with fast riffs and melodic licks, Andrés Cano combines his origins in deathcore and metalcore with progressive structures and uncommon synths. From Heredia, Costa Rica, he's presenting his dayview album "Ethos" which he had the chance to play as an opening act for Simon Girard from "Beyond Creation" in Costa Rica during 2021. On December 25th he revealed the first single "Impulse", which is also the first drop of the only costarrican NTF music label Reap Studios. The song is available in every major streaming service right now. New single coming up on January 7th. Check for more."

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