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AngelMaker Announce New Full-Length Album, 'Sanctum'

AngelMaker Announce New Album SANCTUM Featuring Previous Quadrant Releases Dawn, Dusk, Twilight and Eclipse With Six Additional New Tracks

Pre-Orders Are available Now Here

Northern Vancouver deathcore sextet, AngelMaker have announced the long-awaited release of their new album, Sanctum today. The album will feature the 8 tracks previously released 2-track quadrants - Dawn, Dusk, Twilight and Eclipse along with 6 brand new, previously unreleased tracks and will drop on Friday, March 11th, 2022 in association with Blood Blast Distribution. Pre-order bundles for Sanctum are available now here.

Speaking on the announcement of the their highly anticipated new album, AngelMaker share

“Sanctum is an amalgamation of all of our purest, most visceral ideas put into a collection of songs we couldn’t be more proud of. Spawned during the global pandemic, we nurtured these songs throughout long periods of isolation & uncertainty. Despite everything around us we believe we created some of the best, most mature AngelMaker music to date.”

Sanctum Track Listing 01. Slaughter 02. Creators Conscience 03. Eating the Body of God 04. Effulgence 05. Vengeance 06. Gutless 07. The Great Grey Flame 08. What I Would Give 09. Oppressive Control 10. Lazarus 11. The Weight 12. Wither (feat. Misstiq) 13. Bloom 14. Exit Signs

As the band adapted to the concert-less conditions of the worldwide shutdown due to COVID-19, they crafted a release strategy to ensure their increasingly perfected modern deathcore is heard. The first eight tracks from the new album appear as two-song “quadrants,” designed to build anticipation for the newly announced full-length. These quadrants spawned four music videos - "Exit Signs", "What I Would Give", "Vengeance" and "Creator's Conscience" along with their B-Side counterparts. Between them, the four quadrants have clocked up 1.6 million cross-platform streams and 417,000 YouTube views.

AngelMaker levels listeners with a furious, focused, diverse, and violent extremity, creating deathcore of the highest order, injected with blackened thrash, a smattering of power violence, and the urgent ferocity of underground hardcore. AngelMaker summon the most brutal elements of Floridian death metal and combine it with the coldest permafrost of Scandinavian black metal, without the theatricality sometimes clouding the genres. The brand new music unleashed by AngelMaker in 2021, crafted in recent months with producer Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Misery Signals, Vultures) and mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose, Every Time I Die), is the band’s most confident and destructive yet.

AngelMaker reveres the old-school 2005 – 2010 era of deathcore, constantly reevaluating their own material to improve upon it with each release. The music combines with lyrics about personal struggles (fear, loss, sadness, anxiety), worldly ideas and concepts, and fantastical, cinematic themes. The band’s dual-vocal and triple-guitar composition allows for new and diverse explorations of extremity, setting AngelMaker both inside and apart from the traditions of the deathcore subgenre.

As Greenwood points out, AngelMakercontinues to strive for the freshness of modern extreme music while bearing the coveted torch of the old-school deathcore sound. And if we can write songs that make listeners go through a sort of catharsis, then I think we have done our jobs correctly.

Ten years strong as an independent, do-it-yourself force, AngelMaker triumphantly stands tall. Continuously evolving whilst paying homage to the deathcore giants that came before them. Now, as the British Columbian ensemble’s first new material in roughly two years seeps out from the underground, AngelMaker are back and ready to once again assert their place at the very forefront of the deathcore scene. Pre-order their new album, Sanctum now here.


The members of AngelMaker were all teenagers when the band formed (half of them even went to the same high school together) and began a decade long streak of independence that continues to this day. 2012’s Decay EP put them on the deathcore map. A three-way split EP with Lament and Isolations arrived the following year.

AngelMaker’s full-length debut, 2015’s Dissentient, was a massive standout, demonstrated by ferocious songs like “Godless", “A Dark Omen,” and “Leech,” the latter of which accumulated 1.7 million views on YouTube and 4.1 million Spotify streams. One Bandcamp commenter likened the album’s sound to “cutting your heart out with a rusty spoon.” Portland, Oregon-based producer Stephan Hawkes (Chelsea Grin, Attila, Red Fang) produced and mixed it.

The Unholy Alliance split with A Night In Texas arrived in 2016, less than a year before AngelMaker beat more than a dozen bands for a fan-voted spot on 2017’s Summer Slaughter Tour, featuring The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, Origin, Rings Of Saturn, Betraying The Martyrs, and Lorna Shore, among others. That momentum continued across Canada, with AngelMaker selected as the only opening act for The Faceless on a short trek.

The deathcore subreddit lit up in search of footage from AngelMaker’s spectacular performance at the Brutal Assault festival in 2018 in an 18th-century army fortress in Czechia. MetalSucks presented the fall’s Bloodletting North America tour, putting AngelMaker alongside Virginia’s Arsis; California’s Decrepit Birth; Slovenia’s Within Destruction; and New York’s Internal Bleeding and Pyrexia.

AngelMaker’s self-titled sophomore album emerged in 2019, punctuated by unrelenting tracks like “Hollow Heart,” “BLOODTHIRSTER” and “Requiem.” They supported the record with shows and tours alongside Despised Icon, Kublai Khan, and Ingested.

To date, the band have clocked up over 40 million streams across their catalog and 21.1 million YouTube views.

AngelMaker Are

Casey Tyson-Pearce – Vocals

Mike Greenwood – Vocals

Colton Bennett – Guitar

Matt Perrin – Guitar

Johnny Ciardullo – Guitar

Cole Rideout – Bass

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