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Anna Achimowicz / Rock Dance Theater will perform at Fabryce on April 13th!

As part of the "Satiric Tango Tour" tour in 2019, Anna Achimowicz / Rock Dance Theater will perform at Fabryce.

In the evening, you will see the show in two parts, the performance "On Edge" with music by the Rock Dance Theater, and the second one will be the official and special Polish premiere of the single "The Uh-Oh Song" guitarist Ryan Roxie, with his latest album "Imagine Your Reality" and the music of other well-known rockers associated with the Rock Dance Theater and being a great inspiration of Anna Achimowicz, supporting her rock and stage creativity from across the ocean.

While the music of Ryan Roxie will be played on the stage of the Factory from Zielona Gora on April 13 and is also the last date from the American tour of Roxie's Planet Axe Tour.

Long live Rock n Roll!

RDT is a rock dance theater, Rock Dance Theater was created in 2017. It's the fusion of contemporary dance, guitar music and visual fashion. Originally created by the dancer and choreographer Anna Marika Achimowicz and multi-instrumentalist Viktor J. Kuznetsov. The main initiator is Anna, sometimes joined by artists such as: Peter Sager, Luis Kalil, Vivi Lundström, in 2018 Jacek Wazelin and 2019 fashion designer Marcin Urzędowski as Prepostevolution. One of the first creative RDT projects being a completely new stage phenomenon, a hybrid show where dancers and musicians are interactively connected with each other was the show "On Edge", "Strings n Veins" and "Tribute to Rock n Roll" presented to Poland and Europe and supported by Eric Dover (USA). Author Anna Achimowicz from 2004 was originally a solo project, then as Companie Achimowicz and Rock Dance Theater are the latest comprehensive project with which he presents himself on festival, club or outdoor stages in Poland, Austria and Sweden. He creates, in cooperation with artists from the musical milieu, FRIX Rock Wear fashion, theater or even film.

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