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Artwork For The Blind - The First Supper - (Death Metal)

Artwork For The Blind - 'The First Supper' (Death Metal)

Release Date: TBA 2022

Artwork for the Blind formed around the Louisville, KY scene in February of 2012. When founding members Sean Coy Curry, Chris Brackett, Michael Hoehn, and Larry Myers got to together to form a band that's true to Metal's roots. In 2013 they released their first album self titled, Artwork for the Blind. In 2015 during the recording of their 2nd album II, guitarist Chris Brackett stepped out of the band. Guitarist Sol. E. Williams was tagged in as Chris's replacement finishing up the album. Soon after the release of II, Artwork started writing and recording material for a five song EP entitled A Dying Breed and the Living Proof. Sparking a multitude of video releases following the prior albums debuts. Artwork For The Blind has always prided themselves on working with various video and graphic artist for visual concepts, album cover, and merchandise ideas. Currently the group is writing and recording for an up coming double LP. And booking for 2022 Spring, Summer, and Fall shows and festivals. And dedicated to releasing as much material as possible. Videos and recorded material can be found on most streaming services. Click and follow Artwork For The Blind's social media links to stay informed on up coming performances and releases. Artwork for the Blind has been likened to bands such as Acid Bath, Six Feet Under, and Entombed. They come to the stage with a Death Metal meets Thrash meets Sludge sound that can only be described as Death n Roll. On October 30th Artwork for the Blind released a new single titled The First Supper as a teaser to the next full length slated to be released in 2022.

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