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AT THE PLATES Release Video For "Terminal Filet Disease"

Death metallers AT THE PLATES have released a video for "Terminal Filet Disease". The song is taken from their album Omnivore, which is out now on both physical and digital formats. A deluxe edition, which contains two additional bonus tracks, is also available exclusively on Bandcamp. 

AT THE PLATES comments:

"We collaborated with Drain Hope Productions who did a bang up job bringing Terminal Filet Disease to life. This is a song that explores the adage ‘you are what you eat’ and the negative consequences therein. Danica Amore makes a guest appearance; acting as a beacon of hope for those who seek change.

"Listen to "Terminal Filet Disease" here:

Take a generous helping of Gothenburg’s 1990’s death metal, add two cups of Floridian death metal, one and a half tablespoons of New York death metal, and finally a teaspoon or two of dissonant black metal popularized by DEATHSPELL OMEGA. Stir together, set in the oven at 666 degrees for 20 minutes, and voila! You’ve got yourself an idea of what to expect when listening to AT THE PLATES. The upcoming full length Omnivore takes a slightly more serious approach from the band's previous releases. The central theme of the album is ‘you are what you eat’ while still retaining their brutal sound and delivering light-hearted lyrics. 


AT THE PLATES was founded by Tony Rouse in 2018 with one goal in mind: to combine his love of good food with his love of great death metal. While originally an instrumental project with the release of the Garden Salads of Grief EP in 2018, AT THE PLATES began incorporating lyrics and themes into the music, culminating with the release of their full-length debut, Starch Enemy, in 2020. Starch Enemy was well received and featured on Bandcamp’s official website – Bandcamp Daily. Now, AT THE PLATES has returned from the culinary depths with a brand new line up to deliver its next course…Omnivore: a tour de force of cuisine-based tales set to the backdrop of blistering death metal. Whether you’ve got a craving for death metal or just a nice plate of grub, AT THE PLATES has you covered.


Tony Rouse – Guitar, Drums, Bass

Tyler McCarthy – Lead Guitar

Mario Alejandro – Vocals


Written and recorded by At the Plates

Mixed by Tony Rouse

Mastered by Tony Petrocelly

Artwork by Niklas Sundin


Track Listing: 

  1. With Their Cutlets    

  2. Kitchen Gone    

  3. Punish My Waistline    

  4. Terminal Filet Disease    

  5. Omnivore    

  6. Roastwell 47    

  7. Open Buffet Surgery    

  8. Incarnated Syrup Abuse    

  9. Into Everlasting Fryer    

  10. Northern Frites

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