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Auerbach Tonträger relaunch label and sign ST. MICHAEL FRONT

ST. MICHAEL FRONT ink deal with Auerbach Tonträger as first band of label relaunch

ST. MICHAEL FRONT have signed a multi-album deal with Auerbach Tonträger. The German occult pop duo consisting of guitarist Bruder Matthias and singer Bruder Sascha will reissue their acclaimed debut album "The End of Ahriman" (2018) and their forthcoming second full-length via the label this year.

ST. MICHAEL FRONT comment: "We are thrilled to sign with Auerbach Tonträger", writes Bruder Matthias. "It is prophesied that the archangel Michael shall lead God's armies against Satan's forces, where, during the great war in heaven, he smote Satan and cast him down onto the earth. It is also said, that Michael keeps a book, into which he wrote down all the good and the bad deeds done by every single one of us, in order to hand it over to God at the end of time."

Martin Koller adds: "With the 25th anniversary of Prophecy Productions on its way, it was a a great opportunity to also relaunch its younger sister labels Auerbach Tonträger and Lupus Lounge", relates thelabel's founder. "Originally dedicated to neofolk, Auerbach has over the years carefully extended its musical horizon into dark folk and other related styles. With St. Michael Front we have found the perfect band to start a new era for the label. When their debut album hit my desk, I was immediately electrified and the demo of their next full-length made me want to sign them on the spot. They might appear to be slightly mad, but then again, who isn't? I am stoked to welcome to St. Michael Front to our label family."


ST. MICHAEL FRONT band pictures and other graphic materials are provided via this link: (click here for Dropbox)

Auerbach Tonträger will announce more signings in the coming days to stake out its extended stylistic range. Part of the strengthening of the label's identity is the creation of its own social media presence.

Hamburgian duo ST. MICHAEL FRONT have enjoyed a lightning start in their native Germany. The two former art students, Bruder Matthias and Bruder Sascha ("Bruder" meaning "Brother" as in the proper address for a monk) probably did not expect such an overwhelming reception as they got by storming the RADIOEINS Charts mit the song 'Once' that remained on #1 for six weeks, invitations to prestigious cult festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and House of the Holy in Austria's mountains as well as glowing reviews in German mainstream media with their debut album "End of Ahriman".

This early success was especially surprising as guitarist and keyboard player "Bruder" Matthias Tedjasukmana as well as singer and actor "Bruder" Sascha Schäfke (the duo prefers the use of their pseudonyms) offered a rule-breaking mixture of anything that they could lay their hands on and which suited their purpose. Dark pop, Schlager, neofolk – nothing was considered too sacred that it could not be ground through ST. MICHAEL FRONT's musical meat-grinder. Their astonishing sound was rounded off by a lyrical concept bordering on the insane. The duo's lyrics are happily inhabited by demons and other eldritch fiends. Although ironically broken, esoteric musings are not considered a regular fare of even the darker side of pop. Their video clip 'Once' delivers a perfect example of this paradox with Sascha singing in a pleasant crooner-style with added growls over a Honolulu-type Schlager melody while engaging in a dark ritual.

Now, ST. MICHAEL FRONT are getting ready to return with an all-German album that will take their musical evolution a step further down the left-hand path and that has been scheduled for later this year.

ST. MICHAEL FRONT 'Once' taken from "End of Ahriman"

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