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AVERSED Releases Third Single, “Abandoned,” from Upcoming Impermanent Album

AVERSED Releases Third Single, “Abandoned,” from Upcoming Impermanent Album

Listen to “Abandoned” Today via No Clean Singing

Pre-Orders Available Now for Impermanent, Out March 19

New England-based extreme metal quintet AVERSED is giving fans another taste of their upcoming album, Impermanent, with the release of its third single, “Abandoned.”

The inspiration for “Abandoned” started with guitarist Sungwoo Jeong, who arrived at band rehearsal with the word on his mind. “I want to write a song that sounds exactly like the word ‘abandoned,’” he told his fellow band members Haydee Irizarry (vocals), Alden Marchand (guitar), Peter Albert de Reyna (bass) and Jeff Saltzman (drums).

“As we constructed the song, the title began to take on the context of the heartbreak that both of us were experiencing at the time, even before any lyrics had been written,” Saltzman says. “The word ‘abandoned’ took on several meanings throughout the lyrical process. The person I loved the most in the world was about to move across the planet and our relationship became haunted by an end date when her flight was scheduled. She wanted to pursue her career and I intended to continue playing drums here in Boston, and so neither were willing to compromise and keep the relationship going. The song bears the scars of a relationship doomed, and the pull of a career even if it means sacrificing the person closest to you. We were abandoning each other; but simultaneously a society that emphasizes career goals over love has abandoned us. When Haydee then wrote her melody over the chorus, the song was solidified as our own melancholic metal breakup song.”

With the release of Impermanent, AVERSED presents a metal experience cultivated of unprecedented beauty and torment. The third release following 2011’s self-titled EP and 2016’s Renewal EP, Impermanent marks a turning point for the New England scene veterans as they pivot from melodic death metal towards a nuanced balance of blackened and orchestral melodic metal.

AVERSED offered fans a first glimpse of Impermanent in December with a video for the title track, followed last month with a video for the second single, “Laboratory.

Impermanent is set for release on March 19. Mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Shadow of Intent), Impermanent illustrates AVERSED’s unique approach to songwriting with nine diverse compositions full of catchy hooks and vast melodies. Pre-orders for Impermanent are available now at In addition to the album, a variety of bundles are also available.


Haydee Irizarry - Vocals

Sungwoo Jeong - Guitars

Alden Marchand - Guitars

Peter Albert de Reyna - Bass

Jeff Saltzman - Drums

AVERSED online:

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