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BECOMING THE LION Release Lyric Video For "Foolish Chameleon"

BECOMING THE LION has released a new lyric video for "Foolish Chameleon", taken from their latest EP Turning Point. The EP, available now. "Foolish Chameleon" showcases mastermind Ross Blomgren's softer, more emotive vocals, simultaneously blending into the instrumentation, making a powerful impact. The lyric video for the track can be found HERE.

About Turning Point:

The ambient opening of "Intentional Liar" introduces the EP. Percussion and chugging rhythms add momentum to the the track before the full heavier sound distorted guitars and dynamic percussion burst into life. Shining a light on those who gain clout when they bring others down, "Intentional Liar" journeys through different moods from the serene beginning through to the full intensity of the choruses. Rhythmically driven, "Great Escape" ventures into prog realms with non-standard time signatures and technical melodies, while also bringing some catchy hooks. Anthemic chord progressions are to be found in "Stone's Throw", a song which explores self-reflection and recognizing that each relationship is different and you need to lower your walls, mend your soul and give new relationships a chance. Turning Point, the title track, unveils a dynamic display of intricate melodies, powerful rhythms and compelling vocals that aptly convey the shifting and emotional nature of the song. "Turning Point" is about acknowledging the results of the decision to take a stand for oneself, even if the immediate aftermath brings difficulties. 


BECOMING THE LION began in 2009 as a solo project, initially an experiment diving into post-hardcore realms delivering heavy riffs and rhythmic melodies. Having previously grown into a full line-up, BECOMING THE LION has released 4 instrumental demo EPs and re-released/re-imagined 2 of them with vocals and a fresh take. Now, 14 years later, the project's mastermind Ross Blomgren is returning to his solo days, pushing this project into a new direction, removing the metal/post metal label and exploring any rock/alternative/post- themes with Turning Point.


Ross Blomgren – Guitar, Vocals, Bass


Recorded and Mixed by Greg Henkin

Mastered at Mystery Room Mastering

Studio Drums by Craig Borcher


Track Listing: 

1. Intentional Liar 

2. Great Escape 

3. Foolish Chameleon  

4. Stone’s Throw

5. Turning Point

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