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Bedlem Releases Debut LP "Back To Bedlem

Chicago based Metal Band BEDLEM, founded by ex TRIVIUM touring powerhouse PAUL WANDTKE, has released their debut LP BACK TO BEDLEM.

Bedlem is a bombastic display of groove via Joey Brassal's catchy guitar style and Paul Wandtke's monstrous drum kit abilities complimented by Brian Ahern's bass lines. Their melodic hooks are stringed in with poetic lyric content via vocalist Mike Petrasek's lyrical vision. There's no doubt that this quartet from Chicago, IL is the next up and coming act from the Windy City.

"BEDLEM Is Groovy As Hell" - Metal Injection

"I had to make a decision, move to Florida and continue drumming for Trivium or stay at home and take a chance on something. I couldn't be more thrilled about our debut album, Back to Bedlem.There's nothing more thrilling than being in a band with my own brothers. We are literally family. This is not a work for hire situation and it feels so great!" ~ Paul Wandtke

Track List:   

1. Epidemic   

2. Revelation   

3. Avarice   

4. Bereft   

5. Scorned   

6. Violence   

7. Praxis   

8. Bethlem   

9. Gspot   

10. Chaos Reigns   

11. Triumph   

12. Triumph (acoustic bonus track)

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