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Black Altar and Vulture Lord unveil their Deathiah Manifesto!


In 2021 Vulture Lord came roaring back from the gates of hell with their first full length album in eighteen years. Desecration Rite was a vicious onslaught against the forces of the light which proved beyond all doubt the continued potency of these satanic kommandos. Now they have forged an alliance of fire and blood with the sinister entity that is Black Altar, feared black plague bearers of the underground and together they will unleash their Deathiah Manifesto!

Black Altar’s insidious rituals of evil and Vulture Lord’s riff-fuelled raging against the heavens have combined to form the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of the dark. Featuring eight songs in total, four from each protagonist, all possessed of baleful atmosphere and a palpable sense of threat and menace, the Deathiah Manifesto is a landmark release in the eternal war. Vulture Lord’s hymns of horror include a cover of Vulcano’s ‘Dominios Of Death’ from the Brazilian cult’s legendary Bloody Vengeance LP and a song cursed with the original, infernal vocal tracks laid down by Trondr Nefas, before his departure from this realm in 2012. For their part, Black Altar have enlisted the services of Necro (Enshadowed), Thomas Eriksen (Mork) and James Stewart (Vader) to bring a touch of true black magick to their outpourings of malice. Ludo ‘Evil’ Lejeune (Crest Of Darkness, Vincent Crowley etc) has contributed ominous intros and Jenglot Hitam (Abigail, Impiety, Battle Dagorath etc) some magnificent artwork – all adding up to make Deathiah Manifesto and very special release indeed.

Odium Records will be performing the rites of release on February 15th and Vulture Lord and Black Altar’s creation will ride out into the world on eleven panel, inverted cross digi-pack, black vinyl and limited die hard editions. Heed the words of the kings of evil and embrace the promises of destruction spoken of in the Deathiah Manifesto!

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