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Black Metal Enigma (0) Releases “(1136)” Along With An Official Video!

Demanding and multi-faceted Progressive Black Metal - the best-kept secret of the Danish underground

The obscure season of winter is almost upon us and just in time for the blackest Friday of the year, the Danish enigma (0) re-releases their self-titled EP and single “(1136)” via Napalm Records. In a hypnotic and enthralling dark euphoria, (0) presents their virtuous soundscapes: “(1136)” is a lucid dream wrapped in a growling melancholy. A unique mixture of black, drone and post metal underlines forceful vocals and grave lyrics. 

Visually and audibly, (0) will overwhelm your whole mind and every fiber of your entire body. The somber journey continues…

The music video mirrors the band’s profound inner self: an iridescent black and white piece of art, which disappears in its patterns and retrieves itself in a sinister way. (0) used a visual coding of the artist Sune Petersen, who is known for his interactive installations, and created a living texture, drawing the viewer right into the void. The waving forms envelop the track - sometimes impulsive, aggressive and overwhelming, yet sometimes conspicuously calm and immersive.

(0) states: "We are thrilled to be re-releasing our debut EP through Napalm Records. We released the EP back in 2017, where it spent half a year in hibernation before taking off in early 2018. The vinyl’s sold out pretty fast, and a second press of the vinyl was released in November same year. Now that we've signed with Napalm Records, we have the opportunity to take the EP out to a lot more people, which we look forward to immensely. Along with this re-release, we will premiere the video for (1136) - the first track and single of the EP. We've created the video for “(1136)” using the same visual coding as the one we use for our live shows, created by our friend and visual artist Sune Petersen. We feel that the random yet controlled shapes and motions complement the theme and mood of the EP very well."

(0) is available in the following formats: 1 LP Gatefold Vinyl Black (strictly limited) Digital EP

Tracklisting Side A: 1. (1136) 2. (338) 3. (441) Side B: 4. (1212)

(0) are: vocals - (FJ) - vocals guitar - (JU) - guitar guitar - (MA) - guitar drums - (JK) - drums bass - (MC) - bass

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