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BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND Release Official Video for Cover of BRITNEY SPEARS'S "Hold It Against Me."

Heavy Metal/Metalcore band BLOOD BATH AND BEYONDhas released the official music video for their metal re-imaging of the 2010 Britney Spears's hit pop single, "Hold it Against Me."

"We choose this song to re-work first, because it is popular and second because it has a hidden gem of a beat to it. We were able to really bring out the rhythm of this otherwise synthesizer fueled (Original Version from B. Spears) song, give it some edge and people seem to gravitate to it. The fun thing about B3 is we are seeing fans of various genres enjoying what we do, HIAM provides a taste of most of what we do and is honestly a great choice to be the first mastered single we provide. " - BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND

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