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Blutlaich - What Is (Ich Bin Tot) (Single) - (Dark EDM / Gothic /Darkwave)

Blutlaich - "What Is (Ich Bin Tot)" (Dark EDM / Gothic /Darkwave)

Blutlaich release the single "What is (Ich bin tot)" including two remix versions one week before the official start of the EP "Durch Den Spiegel Gehen"! 

Surprisingly there is still a single release from the American band Blutlaich. The song "What is (Ich bin tot)" will be available in all genre-typical stores on October 23, 2020. In addition, there are two interesting remix versions of the projects "Schandpfahl" and "Narcotic Elements", both also from the house and from the pen of producer Thorsten Eligehausen. The "Narcotic Elements Remix" is a version that should feel at home on every dance floor in the world. The "Schandpfahl Remix" on the other hand is a guitar-heavy Rock/Metal version, which makes even listeners with a harder taste in music want to listen to "Blutlaich".

Release Information  

Band / Artist: Blutlaich

Title What is (Ich bin tot)

Type: Single

Release 31.10.2020 / October 31, 2020 

Available as Download, Streaming

Genre Dark EDM / Gothic /Darkwave  

Label darkSIGN-Records Label-Code LC 83765 

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