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BOWLING FOR SOUP Say "Hello Anxiety" With Music Video For New Single

Anxiety is something so many people know all too well. Be it for work, school or home life, new or unfamiliar social situations or all of the above, anxiety works differently for every person. With their latest single, Texas' favorite pop punkers BOWLING FOR SOUP have tackled a subject close to their hearts. With their frontman Jaret Reddick being an advocate for positive mental health following his own struggles in recent years, on "Hello Anxiety" BOWLING FOR SOUP have tackled a subject that will relate to music fans and people the world over. And of course, they've done it in a light hearted, upbeat way in the band's signature style. This is reflected in the music video for the song, which finds Cyrus Hobbi reprising his role from the I Wanna Be Brad Pitt music video, trying to navigate the pressures and situations of life with varying results before coming to some positivity at the end.

"For a little more about "Hello Anxiety," we hand over to BOWLING FOR SOUP main man Jaret Reddick:

"Hello Anxiety!’ Unfortunately, over the years, it’s become something I’ve said under my breath or out loud much, more than I’d like. I knew the premise of this song before Linus and I sat down to write it, but it was important to me that it didn’t turn out just like all the other songs about mental health. There comes a point in your life when you can just feel it coming, and you almost have to laugh. It isn’t funny by any means, but geeeez….how do I see it coming so often now. That’s what this song is!”

BOWLING FOR SOUP's 11th and latest studio album, "Pop Drunk Snot Bread," is out now on Brando / Que-So Records. The album can be streamed, downloaded or purchased on the following link. Merch for the album is also available on this link. The album has been heralded as Bowling For Soup's best work in the last fifteen years, with equal acclaim from fans and music press.

1) Greatest Of All Time

2) I Wanna Be Brad Pitt

3) Hello Anxiety

4) Getting Old Sucks (But Everybody's Doing It)

5) Pee Break

6) The Best We Can

7) Alexa Bliss

8) Burn Out

9) June Carter Cash (Lost and Found)

10) Public Service Announcement

11) Killin' 'Em With Kindness

12) Wouldn't Change A Thing

13) The Letter 3 (Sitcom Song)

14) After All These Beers

15) Greatest Of All Time (Reprise)


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