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Brandon Boyd Releases "Echoes and Cocoons"

“More Better” Released With New Video

Los Angeles, CA (March 11, 2022) -Today, Brandon Boyd releases his third solo album – ECHOES AND COCOONS via Wit Hustle/The Orchard. In tandem with the release of the album, comes the new single “More Better” with a new music video.

SPIN illuminates the allure of ECHOES AND COCOONS thusly “Boyd and Congleton delivered a record that’s curiously textured (“Dime In My Dryer,” “Fly On Your Wall,” the spiritual hillbilly electro of “More Better”) and as magnificently cinematic as a James Bond movie set in 2040 (“Two Months And A Day,” “A Better Universe”)… Echoes and Cocoons also portends a sense of freedom from the expectations and perceived obligations faced by artists who have been immersed in culture as long as he has, regardless of genre. On his third solo release, Boyd has completely evaded the amber various quarters may wish to deep-freeze him in.”

Consequence adds that ECHOES AND COCOONS is “very different from Incubus… listening to this album, there is a theatrical element to it. (One gets) a David Bowie / ZIggy Stardust vibe throughout.”

Brandon explains of the single “In ‘More Better’ the world I am attempting to portray is not imaginary and though, in my opinion, it would make an interesting film, it feels more important to highlight the shadow aspects of this novel technocracy we’ve found ourselves in today.

How did we arrive at this dire intersection so quickly? Where the most celebrated commodity is the ability to harness and outright hijack people’s attention. I guess in most ways, within the field of entertainment, that has always been the most sought after of human resources. Where the person or people with the best film, the most clever commercial, the catchiest song and or the most desirable body, (etc., etc.) was rewarded with what our culture deemed the highest of honors: an Oscar! A Grammy! Followers! Likes! Monetary abundance! Or at a minimum, praise and public adoration. Something changed around the early 2000s though. Some of our most industrious minds figured some things out — let’s say “the fundamentals of how to successfully win the race to the bottom of the brain stem.” They applied those techniques to our latest tech and voila! the cat was officially let out of the bag. Fast forward a mere 10-12 years later and we’re using exotic artificial intelligences coupled with finely tuned algorithms to hijack our own limbic systems. We are now literally addicted to bad news, on a steady drip of outrage and emotionality and there are enough data collected on each and every one of us now (via our daily usage of these God-like apparatus) to make the following statement with a relative accuracy:

They know us better than we know ourselves.

Maybe there is a way to NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater, but at the moment the baby itself is trying to show me what nutty thing Kanye did today, and I think I’d rather go outside, breathe in the canyon air and ruminate on what it is to be incarnate during these most interesting of times.”

In addition to releasing new music, he has also released new artwork. Moonlight Arts Collective (co-founded by Brandon) just released Volume I on March 10th featuring new collaborative work from Brandon, Sarah Hay and Brian Bowen Smith.

A continually evolving community of like minded artists Moonlight Arts Collective focuses on artists who "moonlight" to create artwork in all forms. This includes musicians who paint, actors who make sculptures, athletes that create photography and everything in between. Moonlight is an expedition in collaboration, showcasing specially curated original artwork exhibitions, unique fine art editions, events, artist talks, interviews, thoughtfully executed community-driven NFTs and digital editions, custom home goods, charity fundraisers and much more, all brought together by a diverse group of “moonlighters.”

Filling in the gaps between the songs he writes, Brandon expresses himself in yet another medium. He recently started a newsletter called A WINK AND A NOD. Fans can subscribe and experience his eloquence at

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