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Burntfield unveil their stunning second album

Burntfield unveil their stunning second album of emotionally charged, melodic prog rock on Progressive Gears Records


Three years on from their highly praised debut album, Hereafter, Amsterdam’s Burntfield have returned with the next chapter in their story, the quite beautiful Impermanence. Eight new finely crafted songs, eight new pieces of articulate and expressive modern, progressive rock that explore the fragility of existence, the way in which our worlds can turn from gold to grey between the inhaling and exhaling of a breath.

Burntfield was formed by guitarist-singer-songwriter Juho Myllylä in Helsinki, in 2012 and with each release the band has blossomed a little more, the music becoming more immersive, more emotionally affecting. Now, with Impermanence, everything about this remarkable musical entity has come to fruition. Each song is immaculately formed, imbued with an aching honesty and performed with a deft and subtle touch, allowing the melancholic melodies to float freely across the intricate sonic landscapes of heartbreak and precious, frozen moments from the past. When the album begins, with ‘Empty Dream’, the listener slips beneath the surface of their consciousness, being lead down the paths of memory, away from the present moment, by Myllylä’s earnest voice and the enchanted strands of music, the insistent pulse of the rhythms. Impermanence has every quality you would hope to find in a modern progressive rock album, but it has another dimension as well, an intimacy, a poignancy...time spent in its embrace is time well spent indeed.

Progressive Gears Records will release Impermanence on November 12th on CD and vinyl, adorned with the wonderful imagery of Jesse Harrison which completes this stunning piece of work perfectly. Walk with Burntfield, taste the bittersweetness of lost innocence remembered and shed a tear for the impermanence of all we hold dear.

The second single from Impermanence - 'Empty Dream' - is available from all major digital retailers now.

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