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Canada’s ELEKTRIC MISTRESS Conjure A Hazy Occult Séance In “Chapter 99” + New EP Out June 2022

Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Elektric Mistress has a new EP “Chapter 99” coming out, which promises to be a sonic blast of psychedelic groove tinged with occult overtones and sludgy riffs. This will be their second EP, following their self-titled in 2019. Since then, they have added a new guitarist and a potent new layer of sounds for fans to discover. The first single they are releasing is the title track, a stomper that will get you moving and vibing to the lyrical themes of communing with the dead. The band explains further: "Chapter 99 was honestly not the first choice for this single; we had some trouble deciding just what to present, because we think they’re all pretty ok, heh. We decided to get an objective set of ears to sort out our predicament, and this one stood out above the rest. It's about trying to connect with the other side. It has a definite occult overtone, in the oldest heavy music tradition." Having a second guitarist has added to the complexity of the band, although their evolution has remained fairly steady over the past couple of years. They have started to incorporate guitar harmonies to complement their stoner rock style but still leave room to be unique and creative and resonate with listeners. Lyrics are inspired by events, people, memories, feelings, or certain energy. There are plenty of psychedelics, sci-fi, witchcraft, and apes! The EP “Chapter 99” was entirely recorded and self-produced by the band, and all the stringed instruments and keys are digital. It was mixed and mastered by Alex Burris at Fang Recordings, and the EP artwork was done by Ricardo Arreola. Elektric Mistress is not out to reinvent the wheel, they deliver straightforward rock n' roll vibes for good times and bad. They are recommended listening for fans of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd. Join the séance of “Chapter 99” via its premiere on DoomedandStoned HERE. Single digital pre-save -​ The full album is being released on June 17, 2022. EP pre-order -

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