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Canada’s Lÿnx Are Giving Pure Rock N’ Roll A New Perspective With Music Video

Canada’s Lÿnx Are Giving Pure Rock N’ Roll A New Perspective With Music Video “Long Live Rock n' Roll”

Taking no prisoners and making no excuses is the name of the game of Calgary’s Lÿnx. They play pure rock n roll reminiscent of the 80’s boosted with modern-day producing and mastering. Last year they released their album “Long Live Rock N Roll” and now they have a music video out for the title track single. They explain the track:

“We wrote Long Live Rock N’ Roll as a homage to all the legends that came before us. Fangs put most of the lyrics to it and Blade composed the song. From start to finish it’s the life experiences that Fangs acquired on top of his way of saying thank you and shouting out that Lÿnx will carry on the Rock N’ Roll dream that so many accomplished before us. Man, we hope it kills! All of us have put a lot of thought into this album, as every artist does”

Lÿnx formed as a group that came together with a shared dream of wanting more out of life. With a burning desire to create, this band is the dream that they wish to share with the world as they make their mark in music history. This album gives fans the whole experience, whether you’re touring downtown with your partner, and you want to crank up the tunes, they got that. If you want to sit back and chill, listen to some good time rock, they got that too. Having a party? Hell Yeah! They should be the first album played because that’s what Lÿnx is. They bring the energy, the noise and want everyone to enjoy it with us!

Lÿnx intends to take their fans back to a time long gone that was full of hair, crazy outfits, and rockstars while showing a younger generation that “this ain’t your parents’ music”. They are recommended listening for fans of Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and Skid Row.

The video for “Long Live Rock n' Roll” can be seen at

The album was released on September 15, 2021 and is available on, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Track Listing:

1. Long Live Rock N Roll (4:36)

2. Irresistible (3:17)

3. Crazy Crazy World (2:50)

4. Red Rocket (3:33)

5. Forged in Fire ( 5:24)

6. Paranoid (2:55)

EP Length (22:37)

EP Recording Band Line Up:

Lazer Wild - Lead Vocals

Blade - Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Fangs - Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Flash - Drums/ Percussion

Live Band Line Up:

Ja6ur - Lead Vocals

Blade - Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Fangs - Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Flash - Drums/ Percussion

For more info:


Lÿnx is the 80s inspired Hard Rock/ Metal four-piece currently based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. During the 2020 pandemic, the band was formed by former vocalist Lazer Wild and Lead Guitarist Blade. Soon after bassist Fangs, and Drummer Flash joined and Lÿnx was formed.

The band is currently fronted by Ja6ur on Vocals, Blade on guitar, Fangs on bass, and Flash on Drums/ Percussion. Connected by a shared love of 80s glam metal and hard rock, the band immediately set about writing original songs that embody the style and swagger of the past, while embracing the polished production and down-to-earth grit of their more modern rock influences. Lÿnx released their debut self-titled EP in February 2021 followed up by their second EP titled “Long Live Rock N Roll” in September 2021 with Bullzhorn Records. Since their releases, the band has gained popularity through various reviews on different media platforms in Europe, Australia, and North America. Having gained a reputation for their anthemic choruses, sizzling guitar solos, and powerhouse vocals Lÿnx has garnered a dedicated and eclectic international fan base.

The band has hit the stages with high energy and connected with their audiences through the love of Rock N Roll. The band aims to build on the momentum created by their released music and push their sound into even more extreme levels of Rock N Roll.

“Lÿnx is an honest to goodness rock n roll band in a time when rock needs just that. They offer up blistering guitar riffs and solos, melodic choruses, and high energy performances that resemble the spirit of a time long gone by.”

“A brilliant release that perfectly builds on the stage that their self titled EP set. ‘Long Live Rock N Roll’ is a direct unyielding ode to what rock music used to be. A release that’s not for the faint of heart, its bold, brash and wonderfully Brutal. Landing as one of Lÿnx’s defining musical moments” Thomas Bedward - Broken 8 Records

“ Opening tracks can tell you a lot about an album. Sometimes bands come out swinging, and others take a slow burn approach. Theres no slow burn in Lÿnx. And the title track ‘Long Live Rock N Roll’ roars out of your speakers. It features a great guitar solo, fantastic percussion, and drips with 80s glam.” Dave Wilks - CGCM Radio/ Podcast

“This is a really solid, fun band that were excited about, and can’t wait to hear what’s next. So, Crank it up and press play!”- MusicNotez Magazine

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