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Candlepower Records and Skull Seven Productions Present THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT YouTube Series

Candlepower Records and Skull Seven Productions Present THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT YouTube Series Highlighting Underground Talent

Mini Episodes Available Now on YouTube

Candlepower Records and Skull Seven Productions have teamed up to present THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT, a new YouTube series highlighting the best of underground music.

“Love it or hate it, American Idol changed the course of the music industry,” says Candlepower Records’ Diego Negrete. “I used to always think about how awesome a show could be with people talking about metal, live performances and funny skits, and that is what we are delivering. THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT is not a competition show but a means of showcasing bands that are overlooked by the mainstream and having fun while doing it.”

Twelve mini episodes of THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT have been completed, featuring performances by Temple, Madrost, DC4, Insecticide, Heretic, Obscene Gesture, Hydera, Tornadic, Praise The Dead, Talus, Lit Soul and Attack Of The Rising.

Performances were professionally shot at Third Encore Studios in North Hollywood and sound mixing was provided by esteemed producer Bill Metoyer of Skull Seven Productions. Lighting was provided by Dan Moore with editing by Talus drummer Jory Valdez-Duran, who has also done editing work for Rob Zombie.

“It was an incredible day of total professionalism and teamwork,” Negrete says. “We were not expecting such magic. We are all humble and blessed, and we look forward to doing something good.”

Tune into THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT’s official YouTube channel to watch all the current episodes and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all future episodes.

Musician and entertainment industry veteran Negrete launched Candlepower Records last year with the release of The Hood’s Got Talent Vol. I, the audio precursor to THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT, featuring tracks from Temple, Heretic, Insecticide, MX Machine, Lit Soul, Three Sixes, Attack Of The Rising and Warwitch. The Hood’s Got Talent Vol. I is available in cassette format at Candlepower Records subscribes to a “For Artists By Artists” mantra by highlighting some of the best underground artists for the forefront, while also contributing back through charities with the hashtag #payitforward.


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