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Carsten Kranzer releases powerful rock track "The Tug of War"

Carsten Kranzer releases powerful rock track "The Tug of War"

Sonic Zen Records is proud to announce the release of Carsten Kranzer's new single "The Tug of War" which is now available worldwide on major streaming platforms. American Carsten is back with producer Charlie Wilson, from Oakland, recording his album "Sideways Blink". The single brings a lot of energy with the power of drummer Big Thomas McCree. In addition to Carsten's guitar, Bay Area guitarists James Deprato and Ben Andrews of The Stone Foxes.

The song was already played on radio in the UK and Spain a short time after it was released. And it has also been added to some Spotify playlists. The track 'The Tug of War' was recorded at Soniczen Records in Oakland, California. Producer Charlie Wilson (who has worked with Hot Buttered Rum, Albino, The Stone Foxes, and others) has brought his studio magic to this track and, as usual, the musician has taken pleasure in collaborating with some of the best musicians in the Bay Area .

Listen here:

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