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Caveman Logic by The Limit album review

Check out Emmy's review on The Limit's upcoming new album, Caveman Logic below.

The Limit is a soulful Rock and Roll power group. Consisting of members of legendary Punk instigators

The Stooges, the founders of Doom Rock Pentagram, legendary NYC Punk originators Testors and

infamous Portugese metal band Dawnrider,

On new album Caveman Logic, Bobby Liebling, singer and main-man of Pentagram, one of the originators of early Doom Rock and an inspiration for generations of heavy rock fans, on vocals, gives the performance of his career, singing like his life depended on it. Sonny Vincent, enigmatic legend of the early NYC Punk scene with his band Testors, having been on the road with members of The Velvet Underground, lays down the guitar driven songs, his writing bearing all the hallmarks of ground-breaking Rock history in it’s filthy DNA. Phenomenal bass playing from Jimmy Recca, ex- The Stooges, and Ron

Asheton’s New Order, gives The Limit the intense and world-class, speaker-destroying bottom end. Joined by Hugo Conim on Rhythm Guitar and Joao Pedro on Drums from Portugese band Dawnrider, The Limit fuses star-dust pedigree with an organic incendiary chemistry that’s instantly raw and real.

A dream come true to those that know their Doom/Punk ABC, and a brand new history lesson for those that don’t, The Limit brings the past right up to date on Caveman Logic, with an essential, burning passion at the heart of their songs. Seldom has a collaboration of well known stars in music sounded so vigorous and frenzied as The Limit’s caveman-like roar.

The Limit is an astoundingly fresh and hot-blooded shot to the veins that heavy rock needs in this day and age.

This twelve track record has some classic elements of rock that I feel are very lacking in current music. The progressions in a lot of the riffs are super catchy and got that classic punk vibe we all love.

The album starts out on a slammin' number called Kitty Gone, it got a great groove- which was a great introduction for me to have to the band. Human vs. Nature has a Misfits quality to it,the vocal layout reminded me a lot of that 70s punk style like

I had mentioned before.

Over Rover has a, borderline thrash riff and that catchy chorus we all can sing along with. Caveman logic, the title track has a great breakdown section right after the guitar solo, a great talking section talking about how he's “out in the caveman”. This song is structured so well.

Fleeting Thoughts seems to be from my perspective a song about the current state of the world, about how the media turns our brains into “Tomato Soup”, I like the point of this song and the riffs are pretty stellar too.

All in all I think this album is a solid listen, and they for sure earned themselves a fan over here.

Check out Caveman Logic when it drops April 9th.

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