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Charlotte Wessels Releases Second Single "Human to Ruin"

Dutch vocalist/composer Charlotte Wessels (formerly of Delain) has released her most recent single "Human to Ruins" today. The track is the second single off of her upcoming second full-length album "Tales from Six Feet Under Vol. II", which is due for release October 7, 2022.

“With 'Human To Ruin' I wanted to make a song that has an old school symphonic feel to it, but at the same time doesn’t get too polished or 'pretty' to reflect the theme of the track. The vocal processing on the choruses is inspired by 90’s grunge and the instrumental middle part gives off something psychedelic, all in all it’s quite eclectic," Wessels stated about the album.

She also added, "Thematically, the words in 'Human To Ruin' are the things you say to yourself when you feel undeserving of love, or when you feel like you want love just for selfish reasons. I felt compelled to indulge in this feeling without nuancing it, because when you exaggerate a feeling like that, or make it larger than life in a song, it allows you to shout out the frustration on the one hand but it also reminds you that it is probably not all THAT bad in reality.”

"Tales from Six Feet Under Vol. II" will be available in multiple vinyl styles, CD, and digital format. Physical copies can be pre-ordered through Napalm Records's official store.


1. Venus Rising

2. Human To Ruin

3. The Phantom Touch

4. Against All Odds

5. A Million Lives

6. The Final Roadtrip

7. Good Dog

8. Toxic

9. I Forget



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