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CHORK - 'Old New Love', debut single out 12th June

'Old New Love', the debut single by Chork, is out on Friday 12th June.

"'Old New Love' is one crunching emotionally charged song with captivating lyrics that gives its listeners a reason to have sober reflections, hope, and never throw in the towel." - Indie Artist Go

Hailing from deepest, darkest Derbyshire, singer-songwriter Charlie Gibson, aka Chork, specialises in crafting no-nonsense rock-based superlative blues tunes which draws heavily from his love of the last few decades of British rock.

Coming on the heels of the time when sadness and uncertainty stalk the atmosphere with a certain pandemic taking the shine off many human activities, someone forever loyal to his guitar still has cause to forge through the pain and is due to release his self-produced debut solo single 'Old New Love' on 12th June 2020.

'Old New Love' is one crunching emotionally charged song that touches on real-life experience - a broken relationship and strangled happiness. Although personal, it's a theme that so many can relate to - the crushing feeling countless people have experienced before when enduring a break-up. The vibe on 'Old New Love' is a modernised mix of rhythm with powerful hooks that carry real explosiveness and live-show grit. The smooth vocal harmonies and tremolo-like soaked-guitar tones, coupled with the occasional heavy bass drum and fast-pace beat rolling on intervals make this song a balanced, physically motivated groove anthem to roll with.

Since Charlie began performing as Chork, he has sold out a headline show at Tunbridge Wells' Trinity Theatre and has a number of festival slots under his belt. Citing British indie legends such as The Libertines and Artic Monkeys within his influences, it's clear to hear the ramshackle mood of Pete Doherty mixed with the lyrical brilliance of Alex Turner within the music of Chork.

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