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Classic Rock Magazine "Best Of The Year 2018" CD Showcases STEW!

 Swedish Rock Band STEW EP release has caught the attention of the classic rock world. Most recently the ear over at Classic Rock Magazine as they have placed their single "Might Be Keeping You" on their 2018 Best Of CD collection! U.K. edition is out NOW: Available online: Classic Rock Magazine 2018

 "What a way to end our year! It’s a huge honor and a milestone for us personally- and as a band to have our song "Might Be Keeping You" off of our EP 'HOT' on Classic Rock Magazine "Best of the Year 2018" compilation CD with artists like Billy F Gibbons, Slash, Joe Bonamassa and so many other greats! Thank you Classic Rock Magazine we are absolutely ecstatic! We at Stew are ready to bring you more great ROCK in 2019!" 

"The title may signal hot contents, but Stew's blues-rockin' four-pack regularly rises to boiling point. The riffs roast, the solos steam and the vocals variegate. A groovin' goulash that satisfies the audio appetite like the finest of phonic feasts." - Loud-Quiet-Loud

Track List: 1. Might Be Keeping You 2. If This Will Be The End 3. Tongue Tied 4. Dig For Gold 

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