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EVERGLAZE RELEASES THEIR NEW SINGLE/VIDEO "CLICK BANG" (2/25) and the song takes you on a ride of rocking rhythm and an experience we can all relate to. EverGlaze continues to show their listeners that music can be diverse and fun as they continue to showcase their diversity of rock n roll styles and keep the bounce growing. "Click Bang" draws you in with a reminiscent style that stays on the bouncy side while the chorus hooks you in. From your first listen you will be singing right along with the band.


'"In the music industry, in dealing with the arts in general, we’ve all encountered people that don’t believe in us. It could be your parents, a friend, or a teacher throwing shade on your dreams. In this particular case, the story of this song came about with an ex and an unexpected encounter.

“Click Bang” encapsulates a time when one of our band members had an unwanted run-in with an ex at one of our shows. The situation really aggravated him and he finally decided to write about it. But in a way that may be more relatable to others. The verses of the song narrate the point of view of the ex and their assumptions being made while trying to get your attention. The transition to the chorus, and the chorus itself, is pretty much the writers' self-assured proclamation to their ex, “Click Bang You Wish Baby”'. - Brandon AKA Panda

SoundArts Recording Studio, Brian Mertz Films


EverGlaze is a local Houston band and was formed at the end of 2017, by brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina. Influenced by artists ranging from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, they seek to incorporate various styles into one cohesive and audibly satisfying sound.

Within their first 10 shows they had played sold-out shows everywhere from Houston to Chicago, "¡OtraFest!" in Corpus Christi, and finally in San Antonio. They released their first 2 singles in 2019 that has spread over 24 countries in just over 3 and 6 months. In the little amount of time since both songs release, opportunities have blossomed in their favor. From radio interviews to out of state festival invitations and some attention from businesses looking to buy out their music it has been a great opportunity bringer and experience to see.


Sam (Lead Guitar), Joe C (Bass), Darcy (Vocals), Robby (Rythmn Guitar), and Panda (Drums)

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