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CNTS (Dead Cross, Qui & Retox) Release New Song/Video: "I Won't Work For You"

CNTS, the Los Angeles-band featuring members of Dead Cross, Retox and Qui, have debuted a second song from their forthcoming album (Thoughts & Prayers, March 29) with today’s release of “I Won’t Work For You” and its accompanying video (


Matt Cronk shares the story behind the song: “’I Won’t Work For You’ was inspired by the talking point being bandied about, mostly by conservatives, that ‘nobody wants to work anymore’ after having collected unemployment during the lockdown. I think a more accurate way to frame that is that nobody wants to work for people who treat them badly. Nobody wants to work without the expectation of fair pay and dignity. Nobody wants to work for the sole purpose of enriching someone else, and nor should they! Work sucks. I think a lot of people, myself included, are inspired to find more equitable means of supporting themselves or at least expect more from their employers.”


Michael Crain adds, very succinctly: “Bosses suck.”


The video, directed by Meriel O’Connell, who also crafted the band’s “Smart Mouth” clip, was filmed at a pizza joint where Michael Crain worked. During tough times, Crain occasionally treated Cronk to a free slice.

Thought & Prayers track list:

2.   Thoughts & Prayers

3.   Smart Mouth

4.   Dear Sir

5.   For A Good Time (Don’t Call Her)

6.   Alone

7.   Eating You Alive

8.   Real Truth

9.   Junkie

10. Drown

CNTS is Mike Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, Festival of Dead Deer), drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B), and vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui). The Los Angeles-based band released their self-titled debut album in 2019.


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