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COYOTE MAN Releases New Instrumental Single, "Perilous"

New Album, Precognition, Out April 20, 2020 March 2, 2020 - Chicago based, Progressive Rock duo COYOTE MAN has released their new instrumental track, "Perilous," the first single off of their upcoming, sophomore album, Precognition.

"From the beginning structure of the song it really gave us a dark presence and meaning if you will. A sort of dark truth with our economy at the moment which is in a perilous state. It fits well with the album title "Precognition" since it illuminates the present and provides a glimpse of what our future may hold. Times are scary and we wanted to lay down this eerie foundation within the tone of the song that hopefully paints a perfect picture for the listener." - COYOTE MAN Click to Download / Stream "Perilous" Online

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