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Cradle Of Haze - Zehntausend Seelen - (Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal)

Cradle Of Haze - Zehntausend Seelen (Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal)

Releases May 21, 2021

Cradle of Haze: New album with old line-up! German gothic rockers "Cradle of Haze" release "Zehntausend Seelen", their 14th studio album. "Zehntausend Seelen" comes with eight crisp and to the point, straightforward gothic rock/gothic metal songs. The lyrics are as usual morbidly gloomy and describe once the dark sides of the humanoid being, primal fears, emotions and desires, socio-critical aspects as well as inglorious characteristics of the human species. Here, too, the true messages of the songs are not always clearly discernible and leave room for the listener's own interpretations.

Check out this video!

"Zehntausend Seelen" will be released on May 21, 2021 and is available for download and streaming.

Check out their best of compilation now available on Bandcamp!

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