Cyanbaal - Cautionary Tales - (Electro Dark Wave)

Cyanbaal - Cautionary Tales - (Electro Dark Wave)

After one and a half years the third album "Cautionary Tales" of the German-American Electro Dark Wave project "Cyanbaal" is released under the label "darkSIGN Records.

Cyanbaal delivers us once again an album to look forward to and which couldn't have a better release date, Halloween. The album "Cautionary Tales" tells, as its title implies, dark stories and is warning of a dark future.

For the first time on this album Haether Wayward. The American singer gives the band a great contrast to the deep and dark voice of Patrick M. Wenzel. Together they create a rich album, from dark pop dance pieces like "Shimmering Darkness" and romantic, spherical ballads like "Destiny". The album is dominated by what we expect from Cyanbaal: dark, cold danceable tracks like "Mirage" as well as dystopian songs like "Figurative Self Destruction". All in all, the two of them achieved a great album with hard beats, dominating percussions and some spherical sounds.  The album will be available from October 31, 2020 on all platforms corresponding to the genre.

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Release Information  

Band: Cyanbaal Titel

Album: Cautionary Tales 

Release Date:

31.10.2020 / October 31, 2020

Available as Download, Streaming

Genre Dark Electro / Darkwave  


YouTube: EAN 4061707460197

Label darkSIGN-Records

Label-Code LC 83765 

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