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D’Angelo brothers, from Claustrofobia, shares new hardcore/metal project

D’Angelo brothers, from Claustrofobia, shares new hardcore/metal project

Exceptional musicians and founders of the band Claustrofobia, Marcus and Caio D’Angelo share a new project, the band TxWxR (Third World Rise).

Formed by experienced musicians from the Metal and Hardcore scene from Brazil, TxWxR has Thiago Monstrinho (Fucking Violence /ex.Worst/ex Presto), the renowned music producer Tiago Hospede (Under the Knife/Mark of Honor/Ex Worst/ Ex Dead Fish), and Tadeu Dias, who already work with names like Simoninha, Celso Pixinga, Lino Krizz, Harppia, Ex-Oitão, Medellin, Sabotage, Dexter and Mano Brown.


“I've played with Tadeu in the past and together we have very good chemistry when I go to drums. I called him to do a collab and then we decided to call Monster and Guest, who are always producing a lot in the scene. It ended up that we decided to create a project. No pressure, no borders that we could make a sound that represented our common influences and also some more distinct ones but all within Metal and Hardcore and street culture. Biohazard's 'Punishment' is a common influence of all and it has all of this feature that I mentioned. The rawness of Hardcore with the fusion of Metal mastery and everyday attitude on the streets”, explains Marcus D’Angelo.

What was supposed to be a collab video for the song “Punishment” by Biohazard, turned into a solid project and will be the new bet of national metal/hardcore. One of TxWxR's big news is that Marcus D’Angelo commands the drums and Caio D’Angelo takes over the bass lines.

“I love playing drums and bass was my brother's first instrument”, continues Marcus, “We have a groove 'embedded' in our musical vein that will sound a little different from what we already do in our main bands Joining forces, recording and we made this video. Everything in the race and the rush, that's why we decided on the name TxWxR (Third World Rise). It was a great start. We are preparing two copyrighted songs that will be released soon. It's getting fucking awesome.”

TxWxR is composing copyrighted songs, which will be released soon.

Genre: Hardcore

Direction: Tiago Hostes

Cameras: Eduardo Kids, Caio D'angelo, Marcus D'angelo and Tiago Hospede

Production, Mixing and Mastering: Tiago Hospede - Guest House

Drums, bass and guitar recording: Caio D'Angelo - Swamp Loco Studios - Las Vegas/NV - USA


Thiago Monster (Vocal)

Tadeu Dias (Guitar)

Tiago Hosts (Guitar)

Marcus D'Angelo (Drums)

Caio D'Angelo (Bass)

For more information about TxWxR, visit the official channels: Instagram and Facebook

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