Danny Adams drops new album SOUL HORIZON

Danny Adams drops new album SOUL HORIZON

Weymouth based singer-songwriter Danny Adams drops his brand new album Soul Horizon in a new inventive way during the Covid-19 crisis. With distribution back logging and the whole community online, Danny premiered the album for the first time on his Facebook via a live performance followed by immediately dropping it to YouTube for fan consumption.

The album is an eclectic mix of styles ranging from rock, blues and metal and promises something for all. "The album tells a story and the track order was specifically designed to take the listener on a journey." says Danny

By combining styles and genres, you are met with a unique infusion that hosts something that will resonate with fans of various tastes, demonstrating how truly diverse Danny and his music is.

Having played the live circuit for many years and establishing a strong career from being an acoustic artist, Soul Horizon sees Danny dropping his first full electric album and harnessing the power of social media in this current climate to perform it acoustically as a bonus.

The album is available on all online stores as of April 20th.


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