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DAWN OF SOLACE Release New Single, "Skyline"! "Flames of Perdition" to be released November 12th

DAWN OF SOLACE, the solo-project by WOLFHEART's Tuomas Saukkonen, is gearing up for the release of his third studio album, entitled Flames of Perdition. Out on November 12th via Noble Demon, Flames of Perdition picks up where its predecessor left off, creating a world full of electrifying melancholy that evokes profound sadness. After pleasing fans with a first single recently ("White Noise"), DAWN OF SOLACE is proud to present the second single, "Skyline" today.

"I am sure that everybody is familiar at least in some level with the feeling of weight that seems to increase with each day and the darkness before the dawn is like a shelter that conceals you for a moment from the chaos until the dawn ignites the skyline and pulls you back into the cold white light" Tuomas Saukkonen states.

Listen to "Skyline", featuring Mikko Heikkilä of Kaunis Kuolematon on vocals, right here:

As a true master of his craft, Tuomas Saukkonen once again invites the listener on a dark journey through the spheres of melodic doom. With eight brand new songs (+two bonus tracks), the upcoming full-length record is exactly what you would expect to get from the death and goth metal icon: beautiful melodies and a breathtaking atmosphere of incomparable class.

Flames of Perdition is available for pre-order digitally, in different vinyl colors, as digipak CD or in various merch bundles here:


01. White Noise

02. Erase

03. Flames Of Perdition

04. Dying Light

05. Event Horizon

06. Black Shores

07. Skyline

08. Serenity

09. Lead Wings (Bonus Track)

10. Dead Air (Bonus Track)

Find Dawn of Solace Online: Facebook Instagram BandCamp Find NOBLE DEMON online: Official Website Facebook BandCamp Twitter YouTube TikTok Spotify

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