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Day of Departure Debut Music Video for “Pierce the Sky (Conflict)”

Prog metal outfit Day of Departure released the third single off of their self-titled debut album today. "Day of Departure" comes out March 25, 2022 through via Bravemusic. "Pierce the Sky (Conflict)" follows prior singles “...And We Prepare for Our End” and "Ex Machina".

“This song is all-out-war! It’s a battle for civilization and the pace and drive of the song hardly let up. We wanted to elicit an unrelenting attack on the senses, as it relates to the carnage that is occurring within the narrative. We also wanted to tease the listener into thinking that there was a hopeful end to the track, but then ultimately crush all of those expectations with the finale,” the band explained about the single.

Watch the "Pierce the Sky (Conflict)" music video on today. Track list and album art are below:


1. ...And We Prepare for Our End (8:00)

2. The Edge of Annihilation (6:13)

3. The Light In Our Eye Grows Dim (3:01)

4. Pierce the Sky (Conflict) (4:32)

5. Ex Machina (5:46)

6. Life Prevails (6:13)

7. The Future Has No Form (3:24)

8. Living Matter (7:34)

9. Awaken To The Beyond (5:50)

10. The Beyond (2:17)

Album Length: 52:50


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