Dead Books Enters into Deal with Rare Bird Books for Release of All Titles

Dead Books Enters into Deal with Rare Bird Books for Release of All Titles

Tomorrow Ruined Today and Some Of Us Love You by Brett Lloyd and Ryan Kent Scheduled for Release on September 7

Dead Books has entered into a 10-year agreement with Rare Bird Books for the release of all of its titles, beginning with Tomorrow Ruined Today and Some Us Love You on September 7.

“Ryan Kent and Brett Lloyd have been killing it with amazing creative works and relevant contemporary poetry that deserve to be distributed and catapulted worldwide,” says Tyson Cornell, Publisher, Rare Bird. “All of us at Rare Bird are beyond thrilled to be working with Dead Books to the masses.”

Says Dead Books co-founder Brett Lloyd,“We are super pumped to be joining Rare Bird Books. Tyson has been extremely great to work with and me and Ryan couldn’t be more excited to release our writings through Rare Bird. Lots of action coming soon.”

Tomorrow Ruined Today is the first collaboration by Ryan Kent and Brett Lloyd. Showcasing the markedly different poetic styles of the two authors, Tomorrow Ruined Today features a collection of verses that are simple yet complex and somber yet radiant. Some Of Us Love You is the second volume of the three-part series by Lloyd and Kent, featuring short- and long-form works that are not to be mistaken for flowery, poetic musings. Both books feature artwork by Diogo Soares.

Pre-orders for Tomorrow Ruined Today and Some Of Us Love You are available now at

Also available for pre-order is Dying Comes with Age, Dead Books co-founder Kent’s album including readings and musical parts from D. Randall Blythe (Lamb Of God), Laura Pleasants (Kylesa), Jimmy Bower (Down, Eyehategod), Adam Kravitz (Gritter), Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Doritha Cottrell (Windhand), Chris Farmer (Breadwinner) and Eugene S. Robinson (OxBOW). Kent’s collection of solo works entitled Everything Is on Fire: Selected Poems 2014 – 2021 is also scheduled for release this winter.

“If I had been an astronaut, or some kinda rocket man instead of a writer, it would have felt similar to this,” Kent says. “People dream of going to the moon. They look up at it at night. Can even see it sometimes during the day. But barely anyone ever gets to go there. Might as well be 238,900 miles away. Then a flight director like Tyson busts up your backyard barbeque and says, ‘Boys, we're sending you to the moon.’ I've listened to Elton John and have been high as a kite for most of my life, and I think it's been a long, long, time since I've felt anything this nice.”

Lamb Of God and New York Times bestselling Dark Days author D. Randall Blythe comments, “I’ve been proud to see my book sitting right beside Kent’s on the local authors shelf in a hometown bookstore - after all, everyone is a local author somewhere (even Shakespeare was known as “the Bard of Avon”), so you might as well sit with the best. But I’m even prouder to know that his work will reach a wider audience with the release of ‘Everything Is On Fire.’ Enjoy it - these poems might just drive you to engage with a little truth of your own, and there is nothing else quite so fine.”

Spoken word events and book signings are planned for the summer and fall as Covid restrictions are lifted. Stay tuned for upcoming appearance announcements.

Photo: Chloe Starke

About Dead Books Books:

Ryan Kent (currently of Mudersome/formerly of Gritter) and Brett Lloyd (currently of Pillbuster/formerly of Mammoth Black, Down Again) met while playing shows as vocalists in their respective bands in the local Virginia area. They got along well and wrote many words that were often shouted over microphones more than they were read. However, contrary to typical next steps musician pals take, they didn't end up collaborating musically. Instead, they co-opted the idea to release split books together - one half dedicated to Lloyd, the other half dedicated to Kent - just like two underground bands joining forces to release split 7-inches...and, henceforth, Dead Books was born.

About Rare Bird Books:

Rare Bird operates as Rare Bird Books and Rare Bird Lit, two Los Angeles–based book industry firms founded by former Book Soup marketing and publicity director Tyson Cornell. Rare Bird Books, the publishing wing, is a PGW-distributed independent publisher of approximately fifty+ books each year in multiple formats, including print, ebook, audiobook, and limited edition. Rare Bird Lit, the services wing, is a boutique marketing, promotions, and design firm specializing in book industry services for major and independent publishers, authors big and small, and other organizations.

Dead Books online:

Rare Bird Books online:

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