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Dead Original New Single/Video Release "Blasted" with TLG ENTERTAINMENT/INgrooves

DEAD ORIGINAL Release their next single/video "Blasted" from the forthcoming album 'Bought and Sold' with TLG Entertainment and INgrooves. "Blasted" follows the previous releases "Bought and Sold", "Let It Burn", and "Restrained" from the up and coming album due February 26th of this year. Each single builds upon itself and "Blasted" continues to lay down the stepping stones as Dead Original rounds out the corners in their development of hard rock today with old school grooves. This is a solid work to be employed and valued in your collection. Check out "Blasted" and get ready for Dead Original's album release coming soon!

"Let It Burn" - "The song’s musical arrangement features a reserved, almost contemplative sense through its mid-tempo approach and down-tuned guitars and bass." - Phils Picks

"Bought and Sold" - "A song that sounds something like Bush with double bass pedals (the drumming to me is the highlight of this grungy track), guitars and vocals scream angst and longing for four minutes and 27 seconds." - Prism Reviews


"'Blasted' is kind of a self-reflection song like when you go outside and stare at the sky and think to yourself, 'You know, things might be all right.'"

~ Paul Wandtke

An interesting side note bassist Mike Petrasek said that some of their fans were concerned about the making of their studio videos. Petrasek reassures the fans, "We're grateful our fans were concerned for our safety. We actually shot these eight songs in one day, going with a 'less is more' video shoot simply because of COVID restrictions, and also because we're a rock band - less is always more."

'Bought and Sold' New Album by Dead Original Now Due Out -

February 26th, 2021!

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Dead Original is from Chicago, IL featuring singer/songwriter Paul Wandtke (ex Trivium, Rock of Ages) drummer Sean McCole, and bassist Mike Petrasek (Bedlem). Dead Original is a strait ahead ‘less is more’ rock project/band that is a blend of groove, grungey vibes, & melodic hooks w/ lyrics for the tortured soul.

Any production/direction specs (producer, studio, video, etc.) - ‘Blasted’ written and produced by Paul Wandtke of Dead Original copyright 2020 Video by Syfts Productions, LLC Mastered by Nick Nativo at

The Nook in New Lenox, IL

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