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DEATH DEALER UNION, Featuring Elena Cataraga (a.k.a. Lena Scissorhands), Announces Debut Album

Find the power within you!

Get initiated into the DEATH DEALER UNION!

Emerging west coast-based metal unit DEATH DEALER UNION - featuring Elena Cataraga (a.k.a. Lena Scissorhands of modern metal leaders INFECTED RAIN) - are thrilled to finally announce the upcoming release of their debut album, entitled Initiation, out September 22, 2023 via Napalm Records!

The album is available to pre-order beginning today, alongside the premiere of their brand new single, charging metal banger "The Vow of Silence". The track follows the band's searing debut standalone collaboration tracks/videos, “Borderlines” and “Beneath The Surface”, which have since garnered nearly a million views on YouTube alone! Featuring aggressive verses and a catchy chorus, "The Vow of Silence" is accompanied by a stunning music video full of energetic performance footage and breathtaking visuals.


"'The Vow of Silence' is an upbeat song, blending heavy/melodic harmonies with both aggressive and clean vocals. The video was shot in a historic castle in Los Angeles, CA dating back to the 1800s, and perfectly fits the image of the band and the vibration of the song.

Join us in this mystical moment, now immortalized in a music video!

We present to you: 'The Vow of Silence'.

We hope you enjoy!

More to come very soon!"

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