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Desalmado releases new videoclipe "Mass Mental Devolution"

Desalmado releases new videoclipe "Mass Mental Devolution"

Desalmado, Death Grind quartet from Brazil, releases the video for “Mass Mental Devolution”, title track from the album 'Mass Mental Devolution' which had released date in October 8, 2021.

The song that portrays the distressing and degrading aspects caused by the addiction and digital dependence that the song's lyrics address. "Mass Mental Devolution" is the fourth song from the work to win video.

In the film, actor Cassio Gondim portrays a man tormented by mood swings caused by all kinds of content that social networks deliver during the day. From easy laughter with memes and audios to extreme anger with news and fake news, Mass Mental Devolution shows the impact and fragility of the person in the industry that distributes content on the web. "For me, it was very important to expose human emotions in this controversial relationship that we now have with the cell phone. So, getting into the atmosphere of the clip was very fluid, the way it had to be!" concludes the actor.

“The cell phone has practically become an extension of the body. People wake up and already take the cell phone in their hand and fall asleep hugging the device. Much of what has been decided in life is no longer a genuine decision, but a desire first shown by social networks, by third parties, which ends up shaping our own will. The network became their master, as an excerpt of the song says”, says Desalmado's bassist Bruno Teixeira.

The character in the clip also appears wearing a gas mask that hides the expressions that cross his face, an allusion to the excessive use of filters and photographs and videos with the manipulated image that completely veil the original manifestations of the faces.

The video is produced by the band itself and directed by guitarist Estevam Romera and was recorded at the Family Mob studio, in São Paulo.

DESALMADO - Mass Mental Devolution (Official Video) | XaninhoDiscos

Formed in 2004, Desalmado is today at the forefront of the national underground scene, being one of the most active and relevant bands today. Celebrating 17 years on the road in 2021, the band has accumulated great achievements in its history, with three tours in Europe and hundreds of shows in all regions of Brazil.

The band brings political and social questions and reflections on human nature in the theme of its lyrics. The band's latest releases expose the bowels of a perverse and alienated world subservient to a system manipulated by the ruling classes.

The next album 'Mass Mental Devolution' will be digitally distributed worldwide by European label Blood Blast Distribution. The physical versions in Brazil and Latin America will be produced by Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records. In Europe, it will be released on cassette tape and CD with bonus tracks by Gruesome Records.

Recently, Max Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly and ex-Sepultura) cited Desalmado as one of the highlights of the heavy music scene.

Check out the band's discography: 'Hereditas' (2008),' Desalmado '(2012),' Estado Escravo '(2014),' In Grind We Trust '(split album with the band Homicide, 2016)' Save Us from Ourselves' (2018) and 'Rebellion' (2020).

Genre: Death Grind Tracklist:

01 - Mass Mental Devolution 02 - Across the Land 03 - Praise the Lord and Kill People 04 - Hollow 05 - Unity 06 - My Own Enemy 07 - Outsiders 08 - Your God, Your Dictator

Producer: Hugo Silva Sound engineer: Otavio Rossato

Mastering and Mixing: Hugo Silva Recording studio: Family Mob Studio Cover Artwork: Jeca Paul Photography: Maya Melchers

Videography: Head Label Audiovisual Line up: Caio Augusttus (vocals) Estevam Romera (guitar) Bruno Teixeira (bass) Ricardo Nützmann (drums)

For more about DESALMADO visit the band's official WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, BANDCAMP and YOUTUBE

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