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Devon Kay & The Solutions Release New Single

Power pop group Devon Kay & The Solutions released their newest single titled "No One Is Thinking About You (Or Anyone Else for That Matter)" today. The track comes off their upcoming album "Grieving Expectation".

"Throughout this band's reblooming from a three piece pop punk band to a six piece… whatever the hell we are, the debate of us being Ska or Not has plagued our existence. So much so it lead to the creation of a song that’s equal parts flippant and equal parts ennoi," the band commented about the track.

They continued, "We wanted to make a song that was not only a certified banger but also self aware of leaning into ska tropes and then going back to whatever it is we do. I love it and genuinely think it’s one of the coolest songs we’ve ever written. Think that song '2 Tone-Army' by the Toasters meets a Tik Tok song with some Green Day. Sound good?"

"Grieving Expectation" is due out April 1, 2022 through Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders for CDs and vinyl are currently available through Pure Noise's online store.

Check out "No One Is Thinking About You (Or Anyone Else for That Matter)" and "Grieving Expectation" art and track list below:


3. Parchment & Petroleum

4. Until the Wheels Fall Off

5. Liver

7. S.A.F.E.T.Y.

8. Oh My, Oh My, We're Far Past That Now

9. Frustrated People of the World, Unite!

10. 3 Year Defeat

11. A Little Bit


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