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DISSONA Drops New Video For "Renaissance" Off New EP; “Dreadfully Distinct” Out Nov. 10!


DISSONA Sets Eyes And Fingers Ablaze With Performance Video For "Renaissance"

New EP “Dreadfully Distinct” Out November 10th, 2023


Dissona, the avant-garde progressive metal band from Chicago, USA is on the cusp of their third release, "Dreadfully Distinct" next month. The musical deep-dive intensely explores three Blade Runner characters and aims to appeal to both sci-fi fans and metalheads alike.

The track "Renaissance"brings the 1982 film’s main character Rick Deckard into focus as the band explains:


One of the most prominent underlying layers in this track, is the enticing question we’re presented with in the original Blade Runner film: Is Deckard a replicant? The song opens with a hazy, elemental SFX intro. Flashes of stampeding hooves come and go, perhaps those unicorns poor Deck sees in his dreams (nightmares?). We shift to an exotic instrumental section, brimming with tension tones and odd time signatures followed by an intricate, guitar-driven section, in yet another odd time signature. The colors shift to a delicate, yet strong, contrasting moment, displaying Deck’s protective spirit. His sweaty, midnight escape from LA begins…”


Through passages of impending uncertainty, exotic instrumentals, tension-inducing tones, and intricate time signatures.

Dissona masterfully combines elements of guitar-driven music with intentional vocals and progressive experimentation to create a unique auditory experience that mirrors the complexities of Deckard's journey.


Watch and listen to the guitar and bass playthrough for "Renaissance" via its premiere on TheProgspace HERE.


"Dreadfully Distinct" is a three-track EP that delves deep into the lives and dilemmas of iconic characters from the Blade Runner universe. The harmonious blend of music and storytelling that captivates audiences is recommended for fans of Ne Obliviscaris, Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, and Opeth.


“Dreadfully Distinct” is due out November 10th, 2023 via Earache Distribution and is available for pre-order at the following links:

Digital -​

CD -​


“The Prodigal Son” (Official Music Video)


-”Skinjob" (Official Music Video)-


In additional news, Dissona has signed a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group.


Track Listing:

​1. The Prodigal Son (6:27)

2. Renaissance (5:33)

3. Skinjob (3:40)


EP Recording Credits:

- All songs performed by: Dissona

- All songs written by: Dissona

- Produced by: Dissona

- Mixed and Mastered by: Matt Motto

EP Artwork by: Karo Gasiorwoska

EP and Live Lineup:

David Dubenic - Vocals

Matt Motto - Guitars

Craig Hamburger - Bass

Drew Goddard - Drums


For More Info Go To:



"Drawing inspiration from the Bladerunner movie series, specifically Agent K from Blade Runner 2049, “Skinjob” has an icy exterior musically, but definitely has the DNA of great mid-west electronica and industrial music inside of its veins. Their entire upcoming new EP Dreadfully Distinct, drops November 10th and follows this story." - Ghost Cult Mag​

​"What I love about this band's sound is the way in which the rolling riffs are mixed with some highly technical playing, but without becoming complex for the sake of complexity alone. David Dubenic has a very dramatic way of singing, utilising different 'voices'. That usually puts me off, and can sound rather fake and overtly theatrical. But David has the ability to deliver it very convincingly." -

“There are many bands that claim to be progressive but Dissona actually deliver as advertised. They approach their music with drive and purpose. Thus, Paleopneumatic is controlled chaos layered with strong hooks and melody but driven by a true sense of adventure.” - Progressive Music Planet

“DISSONA cradled immaculate riffery, assorted time signatures, operatic and growl vocals, keyboards and FX infused tracks, but were able to master the flow to assume total hold over the mind as the songs kept going. This is a band that needs to be heard and taken into account.” - Metal Temple

“Paleopneumatic is nothing short of impressive. Dissona have crafted a challenging release that will likely strike a chord in anyone who is partial to anything out of the ordinary.” - Metal Storm


“If Paleopneumatic isn’t the album that rockets Dissona into the progressive zeitgeist, then we may just be too undeserving of their talents.” - Heavy Blog Is Heavy


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