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Divine Anger - Behind The Wall - (Power Metal)

Divine Anger - "Behind The Wall" (Power Metal)

Divine Anger is an expressive power metal band from another dimension stranded in ours for the time being. The six musicians are pushing hard on their metal journey as they search for a way to get back home.

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Believe it or not, Divine Anger is a metal band from another dimension. One moment, they were playing the biggest gig of their life. Next, they woke up here, in a reality that is home to you but alien to them.

For the time being, the six musicians are stranded in our reality but are pushing hard on their metal journey as they try to get back home.

The band plays expressive power metal – a style that ranges from melodic to aggressive but is always catchy as hell! So, you will mainly hear clean vocals in their songs, but you will also often hear screams, growls, or blends from these different vocal styles, inspired by subgenres like melodic death metal or alternative metal rather than specific bands.

Divine Anger was founded in 2015 by Barry Ross (bass) and Luke Krämer (rhythm guitar), in Hamburg (Germany). With Misaki Hayashi (keyboard), J.J. (lead guitar), Damon (drums), and ART3M (vocals), Barry and Luke found irreplaceable comrades-in-arms, and today, they together form the permanent line-up of Divine Anger.

This year, their first single Behind The Wall will be released on December 1. In 2021, a second single ( Always Now ) and their EP Guru Of Hate will be unleashed on our ears.

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