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Doom Blues PINK COCOON Updates Canadian Tour Dates

Doom Blues PINK COCOON Updates Canadian Tour Dates

PINK COCOON, the solo project created by Zolla Marc, recently announced that he would be hitting the road for the "Ridin Out West Tour" this April. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, some dates have been postponed and an updated tour routing has been announced. (dates listed below) PINK COCOON live is loud, but can be soft when needed. It’s doom, it’s blues, it’s pop, it’s rock n roll. With a wide range of influences, the band melds an intricate soundscape that spans across genres. Providing a solid groove, the PINK COCOON experience includes headbanging and dancing for an overall great time. PINK COCOON started as a solo project by Zolla Marc recording all instruments and vocals in studio. He plays with a bassist and drummer for the live shows to maintain the power trio sound. With low-fi/garage rock EP "Alienation" (2017) under his belt, PINK COCOON plans to consistently release music with a different, crisp edge this year. A new single already planned to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Fans of Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana will enjoy the musical stylings of PINK COCOON. To hear PINK COCOON's 2017 EP "Alienation", please visit the following links: YouTube Spotify

Pink Cocoon - Tour Dates: Tickets available here. April 9 - Ottawa, ON - Dominion Tavern April 10 - Oshawa, ON - Atria April 11 - Toronto, ON - Duffy's Tavern May 8 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo Postponed Dates: April 12 - Sudbury, ON - The Asylum (postponed) April 13 - Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo (postponed) April 14 - Winnipeg, MB - Bulldog Pizza (postponed) April 15 - Regina, SK - Cloud 9 (postponed) April 16 - Saskatoon, SK - Capitol Music Club (postponed) April 17 - Calgary, AB - Royal Canadian Legion Branch 1 (postponed) April 18 - Kelowna, BC - Fernando's Pub (postponed) Live Band Line Up:  Marc Zolla - Guitar/ vocals Patrick Murphy - Drums (current Ridin' Out West Tour) Noah Amick - Bass (current Ridin' Out West Tour) Tom G Stout - Bass (last Montreal date on  Ridin' Out West Tour) For more info: BIO:

Pink Cocoon is a power trio lead by Zolla Marc from Montreal, Canada. He likes to call his music “Doom Blues” focusing on psychedelic old school heavy bluesy riffs with a touch of catchy melodies and doom. The live band lineup is the classic 3 piece set up with Zolla Marc on guitar/lead vocals with a revolving line up on bass and drums.

Pink Cocoon initially started off 2 summers ago as a solo studio project writing, performing and producing the Alienation - 6 Track EP. as of April 2018, it is currently available for full stream and purchase online. Concerning live performance, the band is loud and uses full-stack amplification so the audience can engulf themselves into the Pink Cocoon experience playing every gig like their last. Feedback and sustain are also necessary. The band’s first live performance was on April 21st, 2017 in Montreal and has played over 50 gigs in the first year. "The songs are some of the best, stylistically, since Death Metal Pope dropped their ‘Harvest’ EP at the end of 2016. If you like a riff…and especially one that comes from a very heavy Hawkwind headspace, then you need to seek out this release immediately." - Real Gone Rocks "The sound and the flow of ‘Alienation’ holds up to repeat listening pretty well. A lot of the ‘flow’ appeal comes from straightforward song structures that are geared towards classic rock music." - Grizzly Butts "Fully absorbed into the world of squalling feedback solos and a psychedelic blues atmosphere, Pink Cocoon immediately step above the rest of the Witchcraft clones by being truly doom in their output." -Those Once Loyal "With trusty pedals and multiple influences, the Pink Cocoon sound is a force to be reckoned with." - Bucketlist Music Reviews "They play a more mellow and bluesy style of stoner, cited on their website as “doom blues for your soul”, which, quite frankly, is exactly what it is. Their riffs are thick yet soft-edged, and when coupled with vocalist Zolla Marc’s soothing yet rough style of singing, create a beautifully warm atmosphere. To be cheesy, the name is fitting." - Metal Megalomania "Montreal’s Pink Cocoon brings heaps of fuzzy goodness with classic grunge pop songwriting. Their six song EP contains some seriously addictive bluesy riffs plus choruses that deliver oodles of ear worms that would have gotten them signed instantly to a major label a few decades ago." - Indy Metal Vault

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